Sunday 18 March 2018

What You Saying? | Style Spotlight: Slogan Tees*

Hey Fashionistas!

I'm back with a lil post on a key trend I'm lusting over right now. I've been trying to set myself a rule of making myself wait two weeks (to be totally sure I want something) before going and buying it; but when shops like Zara have items in stock for literally 0.00005 seconds, that's not always possible. 

What I'm trying to say is, here's a list of stuff I'm loving right now, that I'll probably end up buying
all oƒ most of in the very near future. I'm really enjoying producing regular fashion content for you guys, so I've decided to make this blog post into a series, where each post covers a particular trend.

First up? Slogan Tees!

I am so glad slogan tees are back with a bang. They're just such an effortlessly cool piece to throw on over a pair of Mom jeans or a leather-look skirt; and as they're only a t-shirt so they don't break the bank either! There are so many different options too depending on how sassy you're feeling. River Island are absolutely killing it in the slogan/graphic top department right now, so you'll see a few options from them in this post. Shop their tops here.

It's In The Script

Handwritten, script-style tees are the perfect way to do slogans, whilst still keeping it girlie. I love the metallic detail on this River Island Future of Fashion tee, plus green is a really key colour for Spring.  If you love clashing colours, this Heartbreaker Club tee from Motel Rocks is a great option; the pink and red make sure a cute combo! I'm all about wearing a tshirt that reflects my mood so this It's All Good tee is right up my street. Perfect for those days when you're feeling chill AF and want everyone to know it.

Foodie at Heart

A lot of t-shirts I've got my eye on at the moment seem to revolve around food. But then again my life pretty much revolves around food, so that does make sense.. The first tee I feel like I've cheated on slightly as I already own it. My wonderful mother has been in London over the last few days, and after seeing an Instagram caption of mine about my love for cheese fries, she saw this French Fries tee in Zara and had to buy it for me! (What a cutie right?!) I love it when tops incorporate gemstones or beading like this Popcorn tee from Stradivarius. Who'd of thought popcorn could be so chic? Finally this cute AF Brunch Club t-shirt is an absolute necessity for anyone that likes avocado on toast, which is basically every millennial ever. (Seriously, how could you not though?!)

En Français S'il Vous Plaît? 

I don't know who decided to start writing slogans en Français on our clothes, but whoever it was, well, merci. French is such a beautiful language, so why not wear it? It makes the simplest word like 'goodbye' into a far sassier statement, like on this adorable dotty number from Stradivarius. For that casual (but still cute) vibe, this cropped L'Amour tee from Pretty Little Thing is a great choice. Very 'That 70's Show'. (14 year old Mila Kunis would be so proud.) I'm also completely obsessed with how over the top glittery this Rendez Vous oversized top is from Pull and Bear.

Girl Power!

What better place to make a statement than on a statement tee? 2018 has already seen so many amazing and powerful women stand up for what they believe in with campaigns like #MeToo and #Time'sUp, so it's great to see fashion brands are bringing out Pro-Woman tshirts like the ones above.
The Girlism flag top is a really clean and simple option, plus Bershka grow their cotton ecologically which is amazing!  I love the boldness of this Femme tee from River Island, and could easily see it being paired with a killer blazer and some printed boots - very Girlboss. Also how cute is the crest embroidery on this RI Girlhood tee? So fetch. 

Are you feeling the Slogan Tshirt trend? Or is it not your thing? Let me know in the comments below! Regardless, I hope you all enjoyed this post; do let me know if there's a trend or topic you want me to feature next time!

Thanks for reading your Dose of Style

Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post, in collaboration with River Island. Post also contains affiliate links. As always, all opinions are my own and are not influenced in any way by brands/companies. If you are a company interested in sending me something for a review, you can contact me at


  1. I am LOVING the slogan tees trend right now, and love all your picks!xx

    Lucy |

  2. Oh my goodness I am loving Slogan tees too! River Island are KILLING it at the moment, I love their tees and I'm also loving their trousers, I had a huge haul a few weeks ago and I loved everything I bought! I think slogan tees are so good because you can dress them up or down, which I'm deffo always for! The first row are definitely my favourites!

    Sarah | xx

  3. Would you believe that I'm actually sitting here in my GRL PWR t-shirt as I comment on this?! I'm a big slogan tee lover, anything that adds a bit of sass to an outfit is a winner in my opinion! I haven't actually shopped at River Island in yonks so I will have to stop by when I'm next in town to see what they've got on offer - I may have to follow your lead and invest in a few more cute slogan tees!


  4. These are definitely my kinda vibe! I love that Brunch Club one, it's sooo cute! x

    Terri // TerriTalks

  5. Can you believe that I don't own any slogan tees?! I'm desperate to add some to my collection soon though! xx

  6. I try to do the same, but last time I left something to chance in Topshop it was gone next time I was in there! I love food related tees, really relate to me aha! x


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