Thursday 29 March 2018

Spring Lustlist | The Birthday Edit*

Hey beauties, 

So Spring is finally upon us, the Sun has come out of hibernation and there are no more beasts from the East, West or any direction in sight. YAY. Not to mention it's almost April (AKA my birthday month) when I'll be turning the ripe old age of 25. Basically I could not be happier right now. With each new season comes fabulous new beauty releases and as I feel like I'm pining over so many of them, I think it's time to do a little Lust List to get it all out my system.

Oh and for those of you that need some beauty present inspo... this one's for you! (April 23rd mark your calendars)


Sunday 18 March 2018

What You Saying? | Style Spotlight: Slogan Tees*

Hey Fashionistas!

I'm back with a lil post on a key trend I'm lusting over right now. I've been trying to set myself a rule of making myself wait two weeks (to be totally sure I want something) before going and buying it; but when shops like Zara have items in stock for literally 0.00005 seconds, that's not always possible. 

What I'm trying to say is, here's a list of stuff I'm loving right now, that I'll probably end up buying
all oƒ most of in the very near future. I'm really enjoying producing regular fashion content for you guys, so I've decided to make this blog post into a series, where each post covers a particular trend.

First up? Slogan Tees!


Friday 16 March 2018

Have The Perfect Reykjavacation | Iceland Travel Guide

Hey beauties, 

As you may all have gathered by now, I absolutely adored my trip to Iceland. It's 100% a place I see myself going back to, probably in the summer to do more of the North and East sides of the island. We had planned to visit the breathtaking Diamond Beach, but as often is the case in Winter, the roads along our route were closed off due to snowstorms and avalanches. 

Honestly though, we couldn't have wished for a more perfect holiday, and I really feel like we made the most of our time there, and saw everything there was to see in Reykjavik and the Western side of Iceland! To be honest there were things I now can't unsee, but we'll get onto that later... For now, stay tuned for my absolute must-dos in Iceland's capital.


Tuesday 6 March 2018

Sub Zero Skin Heroes | My Winter Skincare Essentials

Hey lovelies, 

Firstly do ya like this post's title? I do admit I giggled quite a lot when I thought it up. (And yes, before you ask, I am that person that laughs at their own jokes a little too much..)
The products I'll be talking about in this post were my absolute saviours whilst I was away in Iceland. It wasn't as cold as I expected it to be, but the wind chill over there is something else! If you're taking a trip to anywhere that's a little chilly, or your skin's just in need of some hydration, read on cause I got you covered!


Thursday 1 March 2018

Cosy Chic in Reykjavik | OOTD*

Hey angels, 

I hope you're all keeping well, and are warm and toasty in your homes while the Beast from the East passes over the UK! I must say, having just been in Iceland where they receive mountains of snow every day, it is funny how useless and ill-prepared us Brits are at the slightest flurry.  

Ah well.

I'm back with another fashion post today featuring the most stunning and cosy Aviator Jacket from LOTD. It kept me so snug whilst in the sub zero temperatures of Iceland, I knew I had to tell you all about it when I returned back to the motherland!

I actually saw this gothic-style brickwork and thought - "This is gonna match my jacket, I HAVE to take a picture!"
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