Tuesday 26 April 2016


Hey cuties!

Have I mentioned before that I like tea? Because I most definitely do. To be honest, I'm tea-totally obsessed with the stuff! I pretty much drink it by the bucket load - not exaggerating one bit - and I think it's hereditary, my Nana usually has two pints of it before starting her day, she even fed me luke-warm tea in my baby bottle when I was a little tot as I preferred it to milk!

Anyway, cute anecdotes aside, I figured as I'm quite the connoisseur I would share all my favourites of the moment for anyone that is equally as obsessed as me. (Also if there are any brands or flavours you love, let me know in the comments!)


Tuesday 12 April 2016

NYC Sephora Haul

Hey lovelies!

So I just got back from New York, which was absolutely amazing. I went with my family and we were really lucky with the weather, so we got to do loads of sightseeing, exploring and of course shopping. I was posting every day on my Instagram and Snapchat (@izzymariehill) cause I didn't have my laptop with me!

So I went a little crazy with the shopping, (big surprise I know) but I'm really happy with everything I bought, as the majority of my purchases were from brands that we just can't get in the UK, or are simply way cheaper in the US! Side note: MAC single eyeshadow refill pans have been permanently reduced to $6 in the US compared to £10 here in the UK, so I'm kicking myself that I didn't buy a couple of the shades I'd had my eye on whilst on holiday cause they work out at double the price in England now. MAC WHY YOU DO DIS TO ME?

It all just fell out like that I swear...

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