Thursday 19 November 2015

November Lust List & Christmas Gift Guide

So I have eyes bigger than my stomach when it comes to beauty products (actually food too), i.e. I want EVERYTHING, regardless of whether I have the money for it or not. *Crying face*

In an attempt to stop spending I'm going to make a beauty/fashion wishlist every month on my blog, of all the things I'm lusting after. (Mind you, I'll probably end up giving into a fair few of them but at least I'm trying.)

This month's lust list is also a Christmas gift guide for any makeup lover, like myself, so hopefully a few of you might find it useful when doing your Christmas shopping for friends, even if you do end up keeping the presents for yourself... (We've all done it, I'm not judging).

Some of the items are more general, but I'll give a couple of examples in those cases.

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