So if you've clicked over onto this tab then, chances are, you were hoping to find out a little more about me! So here goes...

I'm Izzy, a 24 year old beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger. I drink as much tea and gin as is socially acceptable and am easily distracted by fluffy things. I'm also a lactose intolerant vegetarian, and Vegan in training. (I say "in training" because of Halloumi. Juuuust halloumi)

I have a 2.1 in Broadcast Journalism from Nottingham Trent University, where in my spare time I also performed gigs as a singer songwriter, made a few wicked cocktails as a bartender and was Treasurer of the Pole Dancing society. Oh and if you think being treasurer means I'm good with money? Sadly I'm just as much of a shopaholic as the next girl. Not even kidding, that Isla Fisher movie was based on my life..

My ultimate dream is to own a Pomeranian called Gizmo (Gremlins, duh!), be a Disney Princess, and work in the fashion/media/entertainment industry!

If you're still here and want to know a little more you nosy so and so then head over to my 7 Facts About Me post!

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