Monday 23 July 2018

Suit up! | Style Spotlight: Work Wear

Hey lovelies, 

I'm back with another post from my Style Spotlight series! I'm really enjoying writing these so I'm so glad you're all loving them and asking for more! This post is all about how to absolutely NAIL the workwear trend, so whether you want to take inspiration from this and incorporate some of my picks into your work wardrobe, or you just fancy smartening up your day to day looks, I hope you find this really useful! Warehouse* have some beautiful office-appropriate pieces in right now, be sure to check out their Workwear Edit for some really gorgeous tailoring and blouses.


Friday 20 July 2018

Cutting Cravings & Stopping the Snacking | Boombod Review*

Hey cutie-pies, 

Is it just me or did Summer just appear from absolutely nowhere? What I thought was going to be a week long mini heatwave seems to have turned into actual Summer and as thrilled as I was that I didn't need to take a jacket out with me, I really wasn't prepared for my #SummerBod in the slightest. 

Engage thrusters, everyone to their battle stations, Thunderbirds are go!

Anyone that knows me well knows I've been struggling with an extremely slow metabolism for a while now and it's been really getting me down and pushing me into one of those vicious cycles of snacking rather than eating proper meals, then conveniently forgetting about the snacking, then eating the meal anyway! I was feeling pretty low about myself around a month or so ago when an email popped into my inbox about Boombod. I must admit I was dubious when I saw the words 'Appetite Suppressant' but was also extremely curious to see if it would help with my snacking!


Saturday 14 July 2018

What's A Haim? | A Weekend Away in London with Sn-ap Travel*

Hey my lovers,

Have you ever been to a concert that's just absolutely blown your socks off? I've never really gone full fangirl for any artist in the past, and although I absolutely adore going to concerts and the feeling of listening to live music, I've never been one to scream for the artists or to cry at the songs.

That all changed on Saturday 16th June when I witnessed the masterpiece that is Haim perform at the Alexandra Palace. 

One of my absolute best friends Megan IS one of those crazy fangirls when it comes to Haim and booked our tickets months ago, so we'd already began planning out our cute girlie weekend when I was contacted by the Sn-ap Travel team about trying their new direct coach service to London!

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