Sunday 27 March 2016

Juicytox Premium Cleanse - Review!*

Juicing is a really popular trend, loved amongst celebs and us mere mortals. The aim? To rid the body of toxins whilst losing a few pounds in the process. I've previously tried to DIY it with my smoothie maker, but sadly never had the willpower to see it through. (Because, lets be honest, I love food too much). There are several companies on the market offering juice cleanses; one of these being Juicytox - who's cleanses I've been eyeing up for a while I might add.

Rob from JuicyTox was kind enough to send me their Premium Cleanse to review, and so here I am to tell you how I got on!


Wednesday 23 March 2016

Jet Set Essentials

Hey guys! So as a few of you may know, I'm gong to New York next week, and I am little kid in a candy store excited. I have been once before, around three years ago, but I've been so desperate to go back ever since. Can you blame me?

I really enjoy reading travel-related blog posts and videos, so figured this was the perfect opportunity to do one for myself! So without any further waffle, here are my in-flight essentials. (Mmmm waffle)


So with it being a long haul flight, (around seven and a half hours), I usually take my makeup off a couple of hours into the journey, re-apply it just before landing and do a bit of a treatment somewhere in the middle. I find this just helps to keep my skin feeling healthier and prevents breakouts, otherwise the recycled air on planes turns my skin drier than the Sahara desert. Plus I'm far too attached to my makeup bag to put it in the hold. Anyone else surgically attached to their makeup?

(Products Clockwise from Left)


Monday 14 March 2016

March Lust List

Hey guys!

A friend of mine asked if I was going to do another 'Lust List' post, so I thought, why not! I had hoped that blogging about things I was lusting after might curb my shopping appetite ever so slightly, but sadly, I don't think my plan worked all that well.

I am trying to shop less. Do I at least get points for effort? - Flashback to my primary school years where I finished last in the obstacle race and got the 'Good Try' sticker along with a pitiful pat on the head..


Tuesday 8 March 2016

Life Box (Cleanse/Vegan Edition) - Review

I decided to go Vegan for the whole of February as part of the 'University Vegan Month Challenge' hosted by Animal Aid. They sent out a little information pack with a few vegan meal ideas and basic information about the foods I could and couldn't eat, which was super useful! I'm mildly lactose intolerant so I try to avoid dairy where I can anyway, but this was a really fun experiment and I made it through the whole month as a Vegan. And I had no naughty cravings either! Result.

Side Note: I will be doing a post on 'Simple Vegan Eating' for those of you that are interested, so keep looking out for that one!

Now, one of the reasons I didn't suffer from any cravings, was because I tried my very first Lifebox this month, which had SO many yummy Vegan treats in it, which brings me on to the subject of this blog post. Review time!!

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