Monday 5 February 2018

Losing Some LBs | Shake That Weight First Impressions*

Hey angels, 

I'm here with a post about weight loss today. I feel like it's been a bit of a contentious issue on the web recently, and while I do understand the reasoning, at the end of the day if someone wants to lose a couple of pounds (or a couple stone for that matter) then quite frankly that's their prerogative. 

Insert sassy Britney Spears gif here...

 Anyway. I was recently given the opportunity to test out a two week plan from Shake That Weight, and after a little research on the brand and the products I'd be consuming over the two week period I said YES YES YES and signed myself up to the plan.

First things first I'll start by answering 3 questions you're probably all wanting to know:

1. What is Shake That Weight?
2. Does it work?
3. How does it work?

1. Shake That Weight is a low calorie diet plan for men and women who want to lose weight. There are a couple of different plans to choose from, I went for the Woman with Meal Plan, which lasts two weeks and involves consuming a total of 800 calories per day. These calories come from 3 Shake That Weight products and one 400 calorie self-cooked meal.

2. I've now completed one week out of the two, and I've lost 5lbs. (And I must say I'm pretty damn chuffed with that.) I've not once been hungry or had a stomach rumble, and although I've cheated a couple of times and had a crisp or two when I thought nobody was looking, (they were looking) for the most part I've found the plan really easy to stick to.

3. Because you're eating pre-prepared products for the majority of the day, there's less temptation to go to the cupboard and eat something naughty in my opinion, but also, the products are packed with SO much protein, they genuinely do keep you full!

So far, I'm loving how much variety and flavour there is across the Shake That Weight product range. With the 'Woman With Meal' plan I had to pick out 42(!) "meals' off the website. I did at first get a little click happy and was just picking absolutely everything for my basket, but then I decided to get sensible and plan my meals out slightly more efficiently. (I also consciously wanted to try as much as possible so I could accurately tell you guys what you should and shouldn't pick for yourself!)

I'll be doing a full review in a couple of weeks time with my final weigh in, and a more in depth look at each of the products but so far, my favourites are:

Lively Latte Shake - The perfect chilled coffee for mid mornings, I'll be stocking up on this!
Strawberry Passion Shake - Absolutely delicious, ALL of my friends agreed with me!
 Cheeky Chicken Curry Noodles - Essentially a posh (and healthy) pot noodle, and I loved it.
Chocolate Porridge - The original porridge was already yummy, but the chocolate just brought this one up a notch.

So my lovelies, check back in 2 weeks time for my full review, where I talk you through a typical day on the plan; run you through each of the product categories and list my faves (and not faves) from each! Oh and of course I'll discuss my final thoughts on the plan, AND tell you how much weight I lost!

Thanks so much for reading your Dose of Lifestyle

Disclaimer: The majority of things on this blog are purchased by myself however this post features press samples received in exchange for an honest review. As always, all opinions are my own and are not influenced in any way by brands/companies. If you are a company interested in sending me something for a review, you can contact me at



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