Wednesday 24 August 2016

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Hey guys and gals,

A few months ago I did a post on some yummy Vegan breakfast options as part of a series I've called 'Easy Vegan', to show you all how easy and accessible a plant-based diet can be. I've since had several requests to do another post, and so, well here it is! Now contrary to popular belief, Vegan's don't munch purely on leaves for lunch and bananas for pudding - else I would have given up at this a looooong time ago. There are actually a lot of rather tasty snacks on the market that haven't been anywhere near any animals, I promise!

First things first, I'm not saying any of these things are healthy, I'm just saying they are vegan, and hella delicious. Now lets continue...

(Products listed clockwise from bottom)

1. Freedom Vegetarian Mini Vanilla Mallows - £2.49
2. NatureCrops Quinoa Chocolate and Almond bar - £1.49
3. Rainbow Drops - 50p
4. M&S Red and Black Gums - £1.50
5. Jolly Jelly Cones - £1.20
6. Henry Goode's Strawberry Liquorice - £1
7. M&S Single Origin Dark Chocolate - £1.20
8. Tesco Free From Choc N Crispie bar - 40p
9. Humdinger Dairy Free Choccy Buttons - 79p

   I'd like to think that, for the most part, my diet is pretty healthy. But then again I also have days where I wake up craving junk food and know that there's absolutely no point in denying my body of what it really needs okay fine, what it wants. So anyway, I thought I would share my favourite snacks of the moment for you to try on your cheat day, at a girlie sleepover, or whenever the hell they take your fancy.

So anyone that knows me well, knows of my love for marshmallows. I'm totally, hook line and sinker for them. Naturally I was pretty heartbroken when I realised I couldn't eat one again, (Vegan, duh?) until I found these little beauties. It's the Mini Vanilla flavour mallows that are the most authentic tasting in my opinion, and they're great for cooking, on top of hot chocolate or on their own!

I love spending time rummaging through Holland and Barrett, (is that weird?) so I'm always ready to make full use of their infamous penny sales before all the best stuff sells out. These Quinoa bars are something I always pick up in bulk in those situations cause they're just so bloody moreish. They remind me of a more extravagant version of the Rice Crispie bars I made as a kid, but with dark chocolate chips and almonds packed in. GO buy these, and thank me later.

I'll be honest, couldn't think of a caption other than 'Ooh pretty colours!'

Ok so maybe I'm slightly too obsessed with Rainbow Drops (considering I'm now 23) but growing up; these were THE sleepover snack I'd choose to eat with my cousin Phoebe or my bestie Charley. My mum saw these in Tesco a couple of weeks ago and immediately googled if they were vegan-friendly, and they are! I mean it's basically puffed maize covered in sugar and then dyed in weird colours, but if you can get past that, maybe you'll find them as strangely satisfying as I do!

Again, the Jolly Jelly cones were another present from my mum (she got all kinds of excited when she found the free-from aisle in Tesco) and yes, they're probably aimed at kids, but I won't tell anyone if you don't. I've always been a fan of those Hartleys jelly pots you can buy in supermarkets but they're obviously a no-no for Veggies. These are a perfect lunchbox filler if you have little ones, or if you're a big kid yourself like me :)

Making faces with my food - explains the C in Art GCSE.

 Ever since I went Veggie, I've been trying to fill the void with something that could replace Wine Gums (goodbye old friend), until I stumbled across Red & Black Gums from Marks & Spencers. They're actually one of the best shops for labelling their products as vegan or vegetarian friendly FYI, which is really helpful when you're bored of scouring the ingredients list for code words like rennet or isinglass - Trust me, you don't wanna know.

I'm gonna start off by saying how much I hate liquorice, just so it's clear that these don't taste like that God awful stuff. I first came across this Strawberry Soft Liquorice in Aldi of all places, which has really upped their vegan game as of recently - 59p Soya Milk, just saying - but I'm pretty sure you can find them in most big supermarkets or health stores. If you're a lover of strawberry laces or Twizzlers, you'll like these too!

Was I being greedy or artistic when I took this bite? You'll never know..

Chocolate chocolate chocolate. Where do I even begin? There are currently loads of Vegan choc options on the market, some great, some absolutely diabolical. I tend to go for dark chocolate with a really high percentage of cocoa like this Single Origin Domican Republic bar from M&S. It's really bitter and crunchy (thanks to some crushed up plantain chips) so you only need a little bit to satisfy your taste buds. On the other end of the scale you have "milk" chocolate bars and buttons. My personal favourites are the Humdinger Dairy Free buttons which are so tasty and half the price of the infamous Ombar 72% Cacao buttons - delicious but deadly for both your bank account and diet.

So I hope you enjoyed this fun little post, I certainly enjoyed eating all of these goodies whilst taking the photos; and then eating some more as I described them; and then, well you get the idea.

If you wanted to see what a non Vegan thinks of a few of these, check out my cousin Phoebe's latest Youtube video. It's a "Friendship Test" with rewards and forfeits, and it's a pretty funny video all in all - at least we think it is!

Thanks for reading your Dose of Junk food



  1. NOW THIS IS MY TYPE OF BLOG POST!! <3 <3 I love everything about this blog post babe and it's good to see another blogger sharing their love for vegan food. I turned veggie earlier this year and plan on turning vegan for new year (can't do it yet due to medical reasons and my medication/being a meat eater for years and years) but I am taking the change and I adore this blog post to help me on my way, thanks so much!!

    With love, Alisha Valerie. x ||

    1. Aw that's amazing well done!!!! Yeh it's such a big thing I'm glad you're doing it bit by bit. I'm still not 100% vegan but I'm getting there, and every little helps right? I'm glad you loved this post too, it was very fun to do hahaha

      Lots of love girl xxxx


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