Saturday 24 October 2015

Shame on You!

I've been meaning to write a blog post on 'Body Shaming' for a while, cause it's an issue that really rubs me up the wrong way.

It's a girl eat girl world. 

I think the most frustrating thing about body shaming is that the majority of the time, women are the culprits. I mean, we already have the media industry throwing unrealistic and unachievable standards in our faces, of how small your waist should be, and how your skin should glow like unicorn poop with no makeup; so WHY are we turning on each other? It's nice to be nice.

Well said Gretchen.

I, like every girl I know, have things I dislike or want to change about my body, but I don't let that affect how I see other girls. A quick scroll down my Instagram feed will reveal photos of my friends, of celebs and models; and of course I may stop and ask myself:-

Why isn't my skin as clear as hers?
Why aren't my boobs bigger?
Why does she have a better thigh gap than me?

But that doesn't make me feel negatively toward that girl. If anything I'm going to want to leave a nice comment on her picture, because whoever it belongs to probably has her own insecurities and she'd probably appreciate it!

Gigi Hadid is the latest celebrity to be body shamed. Yep. You read that correctly. Just in case you're confused here's a photo. 

 R U EFFING KIDDING ME?  - I mean come on...

When this angel (literally a Victoria's Secret Angel) is being criticized for her body, something is definitely wrong with the world. Gigi responded on her Instagram, shutting down the critics, with a statement about how proud she is of her body and how it's got her where she is in the industry.

Sometimes girls forget that celebrities have access to almost unlimited funds, personal trainers, dietitians and - dare I say it - plastic surgeons.

That's another thing that bugs me. I've come across a few models during late-night Instagram stalks - you know the ones I mean - and have seen trolls commenting on selfies, laughing with their friends. "Deffo some botox going on here" or "Those lips are sooooo fake it's ridic".

Get a grip! Whether this girl was blessed with beautiful, baboon-sized lips from birth, or whether she decided to have lip injections... does it really affect you that much?

Wanna ask this cowfish if her lips are real? Hm?

Girls feel the need to compare themselves to one another. (We all do, me included!) But there is no such thing as perfection. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes - cliché yes, but oh so true.

  Now go shake what your mama gave ya!

I'm going to go eat some cake...

Thanks for reading your Dose of Honesty


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