Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Boo to you!

"In girl world Halloween is the one day a year when a girl can dress up like a total slut and no other girls can say anything else about it." - Wise words from Cady Heron
I love Halloween, and every year try to go to as many Halloween-themed events as possible because that means I get to be really creative and weird with makeup and facepaint.

This year I'm at an all day event at Nottingham Racecourse, put on by 'Detonate'. So my friends and I are going all out. I believe we have a skeleton, two day of the dead girls, a bloody mermaid and a black widow! I'll be updating my Instagram over the weekend so follow me on there! - Shameless plug, #SorryNotSorry) - as this post will obviously be up before Saturday.

 ANYWAY, God I do like to ramble don't I?! (That was rhetorical, don't answer)

This year I've decided to go as a 'Day of the Dead' girl; or in it's traditional Spanish,
Día De los Muertos. I found a really talented artist on Deviant Art who's drawn a girl that best fits the description of what I'm going for! Check her out here!

It's a really cool look that requires a lot of effort and precision, and I'm going for a half of the candy skull design on my face, and half will be smoky, sultry kind of make up. My reason for this is:

1. So people can recognise at least one side of my face
2. Cause symmetry is not my forte and this way I dont have to match anything up! ;)

I tried this look once quickly as a test run at my friend Megan's, the mermaid! (Note, I had to use white eyeshadow as I hadn't yet bought my white face paint, and next time I'll be drawing some pretty swirly lines on my face to add more detail to the look. But enough excuses, here it is!

Yes that is a 'Ross Loves Rachel' top you see! #FriendsGeek

Megan and I also had a trip to Wilkinsons as part of an epic search for activity colouring books for her 4 going on 14 neice, and I ventured over to the Halloween section and found some goodies for my outfit. I also got a couple of bits from Claire's Accessories too!

1.Black Beaded Gothic Choker - £5, Claire's 
2. Day of the Dead Nail Stickers - £1, Wilko's
3. Lace gloves with Spider Pattern - £2, Wilko's
4. Rose Corsage Hair clip - £3 Claires
5. Liquid Latex - £1.50, Wilko's

 Please leave a comment below about what you're going as for Hallowen, and have fun whatever you're doing!!

Thanks for reading your Dose of Spooky


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