Friday 15 September 2017

Music To My Ears | Volume 1*

Hey loves, 

I’ve been wanting to write a music related post for a while now, a desert island ditties, if you will; and it’s finally reached a point where I have so many songs floating round my head that I need to share them with you before my head does indeed explode.

You’ll need to have a killer sound system when you’re listening to some of these; great music is nothing without a good set of speakers! The Panasonic Multi Room Speakers are a fab option, as they're wireless and come in a range of sleek designs so blend in easily with your decor. Then all you need is a great CD, your smartphone, or perhaps you can just use this little playlist I've put together!

So without further ado (and rambling, cause let’s be real, your girl knows how to talk) here are all my favourite songs right now, and a little bit about why I love each one.

1. Everyday - A$AP Rocky Feat. Rod Stewart x Miguel x Mark Ronson
This song is just so damn COOL! I love that A$AP Rocky is a Rod fan, I mean who isn’t? The man is a legend. His raspy voice works so beautifully in the chorus and the production is so laid back. It’s a really great song to chill out and have a glass of wine to, (which we all know I'm not against!) It's been out for a few years now but somehow I only just came across it. Either way, I feel like it's one of those songs that could really stand the test of time.

2. Glorious - Macklemore Feat. Skylar Grey
Firstly the video to this is just so lovely, it’ll give you all the warm fuzzies. It’s Macklemore’s ode to his Grandma who is now 100 (and still as cool as hell I might add). The video starts with him surprising her on her actual birthday, taking her out to vintage shops and karaoke bars, before bringing her home for birthday cake and strippers. (Yes, strippers!) If anyone else did it, it would probably come across as contrived, but you can totally just see his love for Grandma Helen in both the video, and his lyrics in the song; and it’s honestly so beautiful. 

3. New Rules - Dua Lipa
I know I probably don’t need to explain myself on this one, seeing as it’s all over the charts and you can’t go a day without hearing it on the radio! (Which I am totally not mad at). I'm pretty sure I heard it the day it came out - pure luck FYI, I'm not just some Dua Lipa stalker - I immediately hit the replay button cause it was just so catchy. It's probably hit 200 plays now, and I’m still not falling out of love with it any time soon. I love the message of female empowerment, particularly in the video, where all the girls mirror each others’ movements as they look out for one another, and the choreography and direction is really cool! As a songwriter myself I really appreciate a well thought out, well written song too.  Definitely one to blare out in your car and sing at the top of your lungs.

4. Demons - Imagine Dragons
Again, not a new song, but still an absolute anthem none the less. Artists and bands that write their own music to me are my absolute heroes, and Imagine Dragons are one of those bands I have just loved from day dot. I was actually lucky enough to see them perform a really intimate gig at Rock City in Nottingham a few years ago, which is probably what secured my love for them. I'd bought two tickets for my brother James for his birthday (assuming he'd want to take someone else with him than his annoying older sister..) and then he kindly asked me to take the second ticket! 'Demons' was just the song that stuck out for me that night, cause it was so powerful and emotive. (It was also a pretty eventful night because some friends and I later managed to sneak an underage James back in to the venue when it became a club after the gig had ended!)

5. How Far I’ll Go - Auli'i Cravalho
Yes, the Oscar Nominated song from Disney’s latest film, Moana. (Come on, are you really surprised there's a Disney song on the list?) Firstly, if you still haven’t seen the movie, you absolutely need to! It’s so beautiful and emotive, plus it’s nice to see a female heroine for a change! The songs and soundtrack were written and composed by the musical genius that Lin Manuel Miranda, so naturally all the songs are amazing, but this one is just so stunning and hits you right in the feels. Also watching Auli’i ’s performance at the Oscar’s will give your goosebumps goosebumps, especially when you realise she’s only 16!!!!! Amazing.

6. Boys - Charlie XCX
Cause who doesn’t spend far too much time thinking about boys? I can’t help but sing along to this when it comes on the radio, and I love the funky little Mario Kart noise in the chorus. Charlie XCX is just one of those effortlessly cool people, and her style is killer too! If I’m being completely honest though my favourite version of the song is the genius one someone created featuring Gemma Collins. (Side note, I’m not quite sure when and why the internet started its love/obsession for Gemma, but I BLOODY LAV IT! Keep the memes coming, I’m living for them.)

7. Subeme La Radio - Enrique Iglesias Feat. Sean Paul x Matt Terry
I love Spanish pop songs SO much. Probably too much. (I mean who else sits in their room replaying the lyric videos over and over again until they know all of the lyrics with the correct pronunciation? No one else? Thought so.) Don’t get me wrong I was obsessed with Despacito when it came out, but I feel like cause Enrique is actually Hispanic himself, it’s so much more authentic. Obviously the addition of Sean Paul to any song is a blessing, and I think Matt Terry's voice works really well on it too! If you’re a fan of this one, you should check out Duele El Corazon and Bailamos, both by King Enrique, you’ll love them!

8. Chuck Norris - Izzy Marie Hill
 I know what you're thinking; girl isn't that one of your songs??? Yes, yes it is. I didn't think this blog post would be right without a cheeky plug of one of my old tunes, so here it is! Chuck Norris was one of my favourite songs to write, and it's the song that got onto Radio 1, with Greg James comparing me to T-Swift and Jason Mraz, and Scott Mills nicknaming my fans my "hillbillies"! My dad and I filmed the video during a holiday in Florida when I was about 18, so be prepared to watch a very awkward Izzy on camera!!!

I hope you enjoyed this post, it's a bit different for me, but I had fun writing it! What are your favourite songs right now?

Thanks for reading your Dose of Music

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  1. I was looking for something exactly like this, someone who just discusses great music. Thanks for the amazing list, and although I have listened to some I’ll try the rest out.

  2. i love listening to music in my spare time. i liked the music you picked and posted on your blog. i loved the fifth and the eighth one.

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